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Touching you, touching me.

So, Ive been thinking and talking to my lady.

It helps me sleep, doing my nightly ritual, saying good night to the girls and Aristotle, relaxing before I sleep.

Does karma exist? Does everything that goes right around come back around? Is that really how the world works? Do you spend your childhood in a shitty situation to have a great adult hood? Do you have a great childhood only to end up alone? Do the bullies always get what is coming to them? Am I a bully? How many people that I know secretly dont like me because Ive said somthing mean to them? Specifically this dude Asa at work...see even now I want to call him a scene kid, because thats what he fucking is, he is in a hardcore band, he likes to wear tight jeans and wear his hair half in front of his face, and is a snob when it comes to music. That covers alot of the scene kid bases...but I feel *bad* for calling him a scene kid. From here on, no more scene kids, bros, douchebags, preps, jocks, nerds, geeks, hipsters, metal heads, rivet heads, emo kids, goths, gamers...none of it. People are people god damn it, and I like people, when they arnt being mean or stupid or bigoted. Then how do you describe people if not by the social group they call in? How do people define me? Am I intimidating looking? I dont think so. I hope not. All this time ive spent calling people hipsters and bros, douchebags and scene kids...is that going to come back to me? Has it already? I think its pointless to try and figure it out, but for whatever reason I spent some time today dwelling on that very thing. I dont like that we fall into these catagories, and that the catagories are so hostile to eachother.

There is a calico kitten stray that is living in my apartment complex. I fed her today, just as my mom feeds the strays on our back hill. She let me pet her today as she was eating, she is just skin and bones...i feel so bad. She is probably out there under a bush cold and lonely, with no one to keep her company. Im going to keep putting food out for her and see if I can get her to trust me more.

I must help this kitten.


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Sep. 20th, 2010 01:56 pm (UTC)
I was thinking...we should catch her, and you could adopt her. I'd be happy to help out with vet bills to make sure she is okay if we can get her.
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