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Time is on its OWN side.

Keegan got an iPad for graduation. Its pretty freaken sweet. His girlfriend is a sweetheart...it bothers me how close they are to God. I know im not supposed to judge others on their religion, because that is the pot calling the kettle black...but they certainly arnt crazy. which i am very very thankful for.

I was reminded today of EXACTLY why i left this god forsaken place. Well one of the reasons at least. Pet peeve of mine...people messing with me physically while I am high. I like a bubble, and if bad touch penetrates my bubble, i get super upset. Good touch is ok. Bad touch is bad. My friends were fucking messing with me so bad today and I WASENT EVEN HIGH, and i got super pissed. Just fuckin around and punching me for no god damn reason, like for hours and hours on end, just fucking with me for no reason. No reason at all. Not to mention the entire time they were trying to get me to do saliva, which I dont want to do. Hallucinogenics can turn really bad really fast, especially if you are in a bad place in your life...so I don't feel that's the best thing for me at this time you know? So the next person to say "hey Lukas, go outside and do saliva RIGHT NOW" I am going to kidney punch them. And then mike did it and fucking collapsed to the ground and couldn't talk...yeah fuck that. I was tired of my friends not giving a fuck about what they were doing do me no matter how many times i said "quit it man". And im still tired of it lol.

Today was not a good day. Hopefully tomorrow is going to be better. I want a warm body to sleep next to so bad.