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I havent had that much fun since Round Table Glow. I went out with Laura, Kevin, Tim, Kevin, Miller, and Jordan (?) idk he was tim's friend from the navy. I danced with this chick...she was SO out of my league. Like so out. Short blond hair, bright blue eyes, short shorts and a loose white top...man she was beautiful. Once again, I realize what a different culture this is. I think the northwest is more chill...like they dont collectively care what others think...whereas So Cal very much cares. I feel more comphortable in the Northwest, and i love it. I felt agin so out of place...with all thoes beautifuful people aroudn me...i felt so unwanted i guess. Im too drunk to be posting, but fuck it. People keep asking me if I am happy in Bellingham, and every single time i say yes, incredably. That sort of isint true...hearbreak is very hard. But I am happy. I have a mildly strong will, not as strong as some, but stronger then most. I guess imworking on letting my dreams go...some say you shoudl never let your dreams go, but some are impossible you know? So do you let thoes dreams go? because they hurt so much? We also got into this like 20 minute conversations with these chicks in the parking lot...they were so close to coming home with us, untill Tim fucked it all up...such an asshole. But i suppowse if he was any different he wouldent be my freind. Keegan got laid tonight i think. Which is good. Man these bitches during graduation...kept bring up Jesus. Like fuck them. One acutalyl broke down because "he saved her" or what the fuck ever. If he saved her, why dosent he save the people who deserve it. Why does he pick and choose? Because he, whoever he is, is an asshole. My lady is much better to me. I would rather pay hommage to her then to God. At least she helps me through shit. She has a strange way of doing it. But its comphortaing at the same time. I say pabo today...it made me feel so much better. Somehow his smile lets me know everyhting will be ok, and we made plans for me to come up and hang out...my cousin Laura nad i had a conversation about pabo...it basically came down to "do you know that pabo blazes it?" and me saying " yeah lol" and her saying "lol legit". I would have rather had her in my life more...because part of me believes that older people are wiser, because they have simply expierenced more then I have...which is worth somthing right? styories never had young wise people in them. They always have old wise people. How old doe you have to be to be wuise? Ugh so many red lines...i need to stop typing.

Gin and tonic...why are you so good to me?


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Jun. 12th, 2010 04:00 pm (UTC)
Drunk bitter pagans are funny.
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