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Catching signals that sound in the dark

Is the ability to forgive, to let things go, a sign of weakness? I cant say I have really even held a grudge. Does that make me weak? Is it healthy to be angry, and stay angry, for a long time? I mean, I cant even recall if I was ever told that I should or should not hold grudges or forgive...I guess I came to the place where I am on my own. So which is right? To forgive and forget, or to stay angry and bitter? Is the right answer somewhere in between?

I had a good time with my cousins tonight. We sat and drank gin and tonics and played pool...talked about everything. From our messed up family to our expierences since we have last seen eachother...its been like 3 or 4 years since i saw them both together. It was really nice though. I remember when we were camping and Laura was sneaking cigirettes and told me not to tell...i never did. Kevin im pretty sure is gay, Laura is pretty sure too, but he hasent come out yet. Stuff like that takes time i guess...

Then I went out to a bar with my girlfriends Jenny, Ev, and Christin...that was an expierence. Ev just broke up with her boyfriend of a few years and is going through the "I dont wanna be with anyone right now I just wanna party" thing...Jenny follows her around to make sure she dosent do anything stupid, and Christin is kind of aloof to the whole thing, always texting someone. I am constantly amazed by how different everything is here. Now that im 21 and I can go out and stuff, I realize what a different mentality the Northwest has about a lot of stuff. For instance, I havent been to a bar yet that the music wasent overbearing, so overbearing that we had to yell to talk when we were sitting at the same table. I compare it to, say, the grand. The grand is nice and you can sit and chill it with your friends. This place we went was kind of like the grand, except with a loud, bad DJ. Also, who the fuck plays beer pong in a bar? There were like 2 or 3 games going on all at once at one point...and the bros...oh the bros. I was the only one in the entire bar with facial hair. It was funny...i felt so out of place in my green overcoat and red fang shirt. I guess its just one more reason not to be here.