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From Hoboken to L.A.

Man I had a good drive this evening. On my way back from Oxnard, driving an abandoned freeway, with nothing but Against Me! and the concrete lights to keep me company...it felt like running through the rain.

I dont miss this place. I miss a very few people, but the rest, i can do without. This dosent even feel like my house anymore...all the light switches seem too low, i cant walk through it in the dark anymore without tripping over furniture, my bed is far far to small for me. I wanted something different, and I got it. And what Ive got now I wouldn't trade for the world.

Madison tried to pull some bullshit today, and Julie actually backed me up and told Madison to knock off the bullshit. Colten is Colten, and always will be. I enjoy talking to Grandma, because she always listens to what I have to say and always has a smile on her face.

I met JT's girlfriend today, and Keegans as well. Danielle (jts) is super legit. I had the most fun playing Egyptian Rat Fucker that i have ever had in my entire life. They are good for each other, and i get no bad vibes from her AT ALL. It may be because she was in comfortable company, but she wasn't shy or anything, and you know me meeting new people...we got into good talks and stories of days passed...Keegans girlfriend Candace I only got to very briefly say hi to before they had to leave. I will get to know her better the next time i see her, but she seems legit as well.